leather & oud

Candle made of 100% ecological soy wax, with the scent of leather and oud wood.



The result of our cooperation with the Polish brand ZOA concept.

Candle made of 100% ecological soy wax, with the scent of leather and oud wood.

The container for the candle is made by hand, of colored concrete. Darker particles in the mass are metal filings that begin to rust during processing and give the candle a unique character. The wick is wooden, so the candle crackles gently when burning.

The container is finished with leather elements from our production. On the bottom we have attached a round piece of leather, thanks to which the candle does not scratch the surface on which it lies. In addition, it is embossed with the gold JOHN & MARY logo and the ZOA concept, the capacity of the candle with the name of the fragrance. We have attached a leather handle to the lid, thanks to which the candle resembles our leather products.

We like the candles made for us by ZOA concept the more, because according to the ZEROWASTE idea, after burning off the wax, the container can be reused, e.g. in the form of a pot or a container for writing utensils.

As a gift, we add matches with our logo, in a pink cardboard box, to each candle.

We try to support Polish companies, which is why both the candle, the container and the leather details were made in Poland.


diameter 8.5 cm / height 9.5 cm / height with the handle 12 cm

Capacity: 220 ml (6,8 fl oz)

Burning time: approx. 40-45 hours




  • Butik Warszawa, ul. Oleandrów 5  |  1-2 dni robocze  |  bezpłatnie


  • Paczkomaty InPost  |  1-3 dni robocze  |  12 zł
  • Kurier InPost  |  1-3 dni robocze  |  15 zł
  • Kurier UPS (przesyłki zagraniczne)  |  3-10 dni roboczych  |  60-165 zł




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