Summer Forever II

Summer is behind us, but the memories will remain for a long time, and even forever. As usual, when we went on vacation, we took two analog cameras with us – Nikon FM2 and Olympus AF-1.

This time the trip was special as it was also our honeymoon!

Menorca is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea that belongs to the Balearic archipelago. It is famous for its beautiful, unspoiled beaches, underdeveloped tourism, great gin – produced on the island since the 18th century and unique leather sandals – abereas.

We started our journey by relaxing on the beach and by the pool. Then we rented a scooter to see beautiful, wild beaches and get to beautiful towns on both sides of the island – Mahón and Ciutadella. The scooter gave us freedom and allowed us to reach places that were not as touristy as those recommended by all guides.

The weather in Menorca is a paradise for chilly people – 300 sunny days a year, water in the sea, during warm months, reaches 26 degrees Celsius! At the same time, there is no unbearable heat, so you can really relax there.

As usual, we took our various products with us on vacation. Our TAMONcognac backpack, perfect for scooter and city trips. The ISLA bag, dark chocolate-colored, because it is roomy, but also can be carried both in the hand and over the shoulder. In addition, several cases for glasses – sunglasses and prescription, a pair of wallets that you already know well – RIBADEO, IRUN and a MUTRIKU purse and various cosmetic bags. From the novelties we took with us – LUARCA bags, MIRAZ cosmetic bags and SEBRAYO sachets in new colors: lilac and coral. They blend in beautifully with the climate of the island with their vivid and juicy colors. New products will gradually come to our store – so far LUARCI lila and coral are available. You can find them in the NEWS tab.